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Flood-Damaged Rug Restoration in the Greater Houston Area

When your rug gets damaged in a flood, it's important to act quickly to save it. However, trying to clean or restore the rug yourself might make things worse. It's best to seek professional help to ensure the rug is handled properly and restored correctly. Professionals will effectively clean & restore your flood-damaged rug while protecting its condition as much as possible. For professional rug cleaning in the Greater Houston Area, you can reach out to Ashly Rug Cleaners.

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Why it is Important to Clean Your Water-Damaged Rug in Houston?

Even after removing water from flood-damaged rugs, it leaves stains and a bad odor sometimes. Those are issues that Ashly Rug Cleaners can address with a 100% success rate. By choosing Ashly Rug Cleaners, you also get additional benefits that include:

  • Prevent mold & mildew
  • Eliminate bacteria & toxins
  • Stop staining & discoloration
  • Odor control
  • Extend rugs life
  • Boost the rug value
  • 125+ years in business
  • Pickup & delivery services
Professional worker cleaning rug

Process of Restoring a Flood-Damaged Rug with Ashly Rug Cleaning

  • Remove Water: Remove any water from the rug to prevent water damage.
  • Dry: Dry and vacuum the area rug to remove any dirt.
  • Cleaning: Steam cleaning the rug to remove any bacteria and odor.
  • Final Inspection: Inspecting to ensure its optimal condition and fresh look.
Expert flood damaged carpet cleaning service in action.

Types of Rug Damage Through Flood

The severity of the damage and the source of the flood water will determine if restoration is possible. If the rug is affected by clean water, such as from a plumbing or appliance leak, professional cleaning may suffice.

If the water is contaminated, you might have to replace your rug in some cases. However, it's advisable to contact a professional rug cleaning company to evaluate whether restoration is feasible. Contaminated water can introduce harmful substances and bacteria that may require specialized cleaning techniques to ensure the rug's safety and restoration.

Freshly cleaned rug adds beauty to the living room décor.

Issues to Avoid with Water-Damaged Rugs

Whenever your rug gets water-logged, there are several things you should avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to restore your rug:

  • Avoid delaying professional rug cleaning
  • Avoid using a DIY process to clean rugs
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Avoid using a hair dryer for drying

Act Now to Protect Your Investment with Ashly Rug Cleaners in The Woodlands

For more than a century, Ashly Rug Cleaning has provided top-notch rug cleaning and flood-damaged rug restoration services for customers in Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, and other cities throughout the Greater Houston area. Since opening our doors in 1896, we have been family-owned and operated. We ensure and maintain the same elite standard of cleaning services and customer service that has endeared us to customers for more than 125 years. To learn more, call 346-456-5553 or click here to schedule a top-quality rug cleaning service today. We also handle color correction, stain removal, and more.

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