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Rug Color Correction & Dyeing in Houston, TX

Because of the vibrant colors and delicate materials, cleaning an area rug requires special techniques and care. You should not start rubbing at the first sign of a stain because this might lead to rug discoloration. If you have already discovered this and must now try to revive a discolored rug, our crews at Ashly Rug Cleaners are here to help you restore the vibrant colors and beauty of that rug. Fortunately, our crews have more than 100 years of experience with rug repairs, including color correction & dyeing services for homeowners and business owners in Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, League City, and other cities we serve. 

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What Discolors a Rug?

Rug fading and other types of discoloration can occur for many reasons, and awareness of these factors can help you maximize the vibrancy of your rug. Here are some common causes of area rug fading:

  • Direct exposure to UV sunlight
  • Dragging heavy furniture across it
  • Using harsh chemicals in cleaning
  • Bleaching or using vinegar on rug stains
  • Improper stain removal/cleaning efforts
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Our Rug Color Correction Method by Ashly

Reviving your rug's vibrant color involves a precise dyeing method. After dyeing your rug, we apply a dye stabilizer or dye lock to prevent future color bleeding. This meticulous process not only brings back the original vibrancy but also ensures color stability over time. You will enjoy a fresh and long-lasting appearance for your cherished rug when you let our proven professionals provide rug color correction services. Trust us to revive the color and preserve the beauty of your rug.

rug dying replacement

Do You Need Rug Dyeing or a Complete Replacement?

Dyeing your rug instead of completely replacing it is a wise decision under the right set of circumstances. If your fine textile has a life span of less than 20 years, then it’s better to replace your rug. But most area rugs can last for generations. That is why so many have historical and emotional value to their owners. In the case of an Oriental or Persian rug that can last for decades, it is wise to repair or dye your rug. Dyeing offers a budget-friendly way to conceal stains and spills, making it a better choice than replacement. Our proven professionals offer superior dyeing services. 

Revive Your Rug with Color Correction in Greater Houston

Whether you want to eliminate a stain, spot, or discolored area from your area rug, you can always rely on us to restore your rug. We have over 127 years of experience in rug cleaning and rug repair services, including top-notch color correction services. for customers in Katy, Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, Sugar Land, Conroe, and other cities in Greater Houston. To learn more, dial 346-456-5553 or click here to schedule our service online. 

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