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Rug Backing Repair Services in Houston, Conroe, & Katy

To give a rug a framed look, rug backing works like a mat in a picture frame. For its placement, it is hardly seen without flipping over the rug but it's an essential part that gives rug strength and stability. To keep the backing on your rug in pristine condition, Ashly Rug Cleaners offers rug backing repairs for customers in Houston.

repairing rug backing

If the backing on your rug decays, it is essential to have it repaired before the damage gets any worse. Our technicians repair the backing of your rug and return it with new life for customers in Katy, Conroe, Spring, Sugar Land, Galveston, and other cities we serve throughout the Greater Houston Area. 

We are skilled in rug backing repair, providing careful attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Our team ensures each repair seamlessly blends with the original design, extending the rug's lifespan. To learn more about our services in cities within our service area, dial 346-456-5553 or click here to arrange a pick-up/delivery or drop-off appointment to repair the backing of your rug.

Common Reasons for Damages to Rug Backing in Area Rugs

Rug backing, often made of latex rubber, can deteriorate due to:

Cleaning Agents: The cleaning chemicals weaken the backing over time.

Moisture and Humidity: High humidity can lead to degradation.

Wear and Tear: Foot traffic causes gradual breakdown.

Our Process of Rug Backing Repair 

We carefully handle rug backing repairs with precision, ensuring each step is executed meticulously. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials to match the original backing seamlessly. This attention to detail guarantees a durable and aesthetically pleasing result. All the essential steps are listed below:

step 1

Removal of Old Backing

  • Experts at from our team carefully removes the deteriorated backing from the rug.
  • This step ensures a clean surface for the repair process.
step 2

Cleaning and Sanitization

  • The rug undergoes thorough cleaning and sanitization.
  • Specialized hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners are used to ensure hygiene.
step 3

Applying New Backing

  • Liquid latex rubber is applied to the back of the rug.
  • Overlapping strokes create a consistent and smooth layer.
  • Cheesecloth may be added for a more attractive finish.
rug backing repair

Importance of Timely Backing Repairs

Replacing older, worn backings on your area rug is important. It keeps tufted, hooked, or machine-made rugs in good shape. A new support will make your rug last longer and hold everything in place. The benefits include:
Preserving Rug Integrity: A repaired backing boosts the rug’s overall integrity.
Preventing Further Damage:
Minor issues can escalate if left unaddressed.
Repairs keep simple problems from becoming bigger ones.

cleaning rug professionally

Why Choose Ashly Rug Cleaners?

Choose us for rug backing service because we offer expert repairs with attention to detail, ensuring high-quality results. Our skilled team uses the best materials to extend rug life. Other advantages include:

Expertise: We are specialized in rug care, repair, and restoration.
White-Glove Service: We offer pick-up and delivery, ensuring your rugs are handled carefully.
Quality Craftsmanship:
Our skilled professionals use the right equipment for backing repairs.

Our Other Rug-Related Services

In addition to rug backing repair, our crews also provide elite-level services for color correction, fringe repairs, rug pad repairs, and more. Details include:

rug services by Ashly Rug Cleaners

Rug Repairs

  • We are specialized in repairing rugs. Whether your rug has frayed edges, holes, or other damage, we can restore it to its original condition.
  • Common rug repairs include fixing tears, reweaving damaged areas, and securing loose threads.
  • If your rug needs repair, we can assess the damage and provide professional repair services.

Color Correction & Dyeing

  • Sometimes rugs loses it's vibrant color due to wear, sun exposure, or other factors. We offer color correction and dyeing services to restore or enhance the colors of your rug.
  • We can adjust color imbalances, correct fading, and even dye rugs to achieve a desired shade.
  • If your rug’s colors need revitalization, we can help.

Fringe Repair

  • Fringes are an essential part of many rugs, but they can become worn, tangled, or damaged over time.
  • We provides fringe repair services, including reattachment, cleaning, and restoration.
  • Whether your rug has cotton, wool, or silk fringes, we can address any issues.

Rug Pads

  • Rug pads are essential for protecting your floors and enhancing the longevity of your rugs.
  • We offer high-quality rug pads that provide cushioning, prevent slipping, and reduce wear on both the rug and the floor.
  • Properly fitted rug pads can also improve the comfort and stability of your rugs.

Call Us for Rug Backing Repair Service in the Greater Houston Area

No matter what type of rug backing you have or how it has been damaged, it’s essential to get it repaired to preserve the structural integrity of your fine textile. We provide white-glove pickup and delivery services for customers in Houston, Katy, and other cities we serve. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, dial 346-456-5553 to receive a free estimate. You can also click here to schedule service at your property.

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