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Expert Rug Repair in the Greater Houston Area

Your area rug is beautiful and durable. However, heavy foot traffic over time can trigger wear-and-tear issues, accidents, rips, or tears that can leave your fine textile in need of professional attention. For expert rug repair services in Houston, including color correction and fringe repair, Ashly Rug Cleaners is here for you!

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Professional rug hole repair

Certified Specialists for Rug Repair in League City

When you seek a proven expert to handle the repair and restoration of your damaged area rug, our crews have got you covered. Ashley Rug Cleaners, an industry insider since 1896, employs three certified rug specialists and has cleaned more than 5 million rugs since opening our doors over a century ago.

With every rug we handle, we ensure that our client's expectations are met and exceeded. Our legions of satisfied customers are the proof. You can trust our rug professionals to provide top-notch service at a customer-friendly price.

Types of Rugs We Repair in Houston

When it comes to rug repair, our skilled team is equipped to handle multiple rug types. Based on the rug fiber, we provide customized cleaning and repair services. Since 1896, we've been at the forefront of the industry, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern repair techniques to ensure the longevity and beauty of your rugs. Some of the most popular types of rugs we clean & repair include:

Red color oriental rug

Oriental Rugs

Yellow presian rug on the floor

Persian Rugs

Beautiful sisal rug

Sisal Rugs

antique-rug inside the room

Antique Rugs

Mixed color turkish rug

Turkish Rugs

Red color afghan-rug

Afghan Rugs

Texture pattern indoor rug

Indoor Rugs

Patterned outdoor-rug

Outdoor Rugs

Extensive Rug Repair Services

Our attention to detail comes through in every aspect of rug restoration, with services that include:

  • Fringe Repair: If your rug's fringe is looking bad because of heavy wear or playful pets, trust us for fringe repair.
  • Color Correction: Our color correction services breathe new life into faded or discolored rugs.
  • Backing Repair: For issues with rug backing. our experts will repair it and prevent further damage.
  • Serging Repair: We meticulously repair the serging of your rugs, preserving their edges for a finished and polished look.
  • Binding Repair: Our binding repair prevents fraying and ensures the longevity of your rugs.
  • Rug Hole Repair: We meticulously address any holes or tears and repair them professionally. 
Professional worker cleaning rug with brush

Regular Rug Cleaning will Prevent Future Damage

Regular cleaning helps prevent accumulations of dirt, dust, and debris within the rug fibers. Over time, these particles can act as harsh agents. In some cases, it could damage the rug and require professional repairs. 

Neglecting routine rug cleaning or failing to immediately clean existing stains when they surface will allow contaminants to settle into rug fibers and create permanent stains. Regular rug cleaning can avoid any extensive damage.  

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Rug ready to drop-off

Convenient Rug Pick-up and Drop-Off Services in Houston

When you have decided to treat your area rugs to a rejuvenating experience and you want to make it hassle-free, simply contact us for convenient rug pick-up and drop-off services in The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Sugar Land, and other cities within our Greater Houston service area.

Once you are ready to send your rug to our climate-controlled cleaning facility for cleaning or repair, just give us a call. Our friendly team will arrive at your place to pick up your rugs, taking care to handle them with the utmost attention and care. We will return them to your property when finished,

Trust Us to Repair Your Rug in The Woodlands and Sugar Land

Are your rugs in need of a little extra care? Ashly Rug Cleaners proudly offers a 100% risk-free guarantee for your rug care. Our experts will assess the condition and recommend custom rug repair solutions. Call us today at 346-456-5553 or click here to schedule an appointment online today.

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