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Expert Rug Dusting Services in Houston & The Woodlands

Rug dusting service

Dry soil removal is the most important step in any rug cleaning process, which all professional rug cleaning programs cover. Every stage, from cleaning to drying to inspecting, is crucial and must be carried out correctly. Only vacuuming will not remove the dirt fully from the rug.

The distinctive beauty and elegance that each area rug offers is what makes them so beautiful. This is why it is important to have it cleaned professionally. At this stage, Ashly Rug Cleaners stands for. We have been serving Greater Houston since 1896 with our rug cleaning specialists.

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Why is Regular Rug Cleaning Essential?

Rug dust cleaning process

There are several compelling reasons to get your rug cleaned often by professional rug cleaners. Here are some reasons:

  • Fight Off Deep-Seated Grease and Dirt: Regular vacuuming cannot reach deep-down dirt, so it needs professional help to be cleaned utilizing specialized techniques.
  • Eliminate Stains and Odors: Spills and general wear and tear can leave stains and foul smells behind. Expert cleaning efficiently addresses them.
  • Increased Rug Lifespan: Routine washing eliminates harmful substances, which helps the rugs maintain their structure and beauty for many years to come.
  • Prevent Mold Growth: Moisture trapped within rugs helps to grow mold. Professional cleaning removes moisture and uses anti-microbial solutions to prevent mold growth.
  • Healthy Environment: Allergies and pathogens residing in the rug can cause breathing problems for family members. Regular cleaning reduces their presence and ensures a healthy atmosphere.

Frequency of Rug Cleaning

The frequency of professional cleaning depends on several factors, including:

  • Foot Traffic: High-traffic areas require more frequent cleaning (every 6–12 months) compared to low-traffic areas (every 1-2 years).
  • Rug Material and Construction: Delicate rugs might require gentler cleaning methods less often, while sturdier rugs can handle more frequent cleaning.
  • Presence of Pets: Homes with pets may require frequent cleanings to remove pet odor and hair.

Our Process for Rug Dusting

Rug dusting process

Each rug receives the appropriate care it requires and deserves due to our meticulous cleaning procedure, which allows for customized adjustments. It goes as follows:

  • Inspection: A careful examination of the rugs
  • Dusting: Removing dust from the carpeting
  • Cleaning: The real cleaning of rugs
  • Drying: Using our climate-controlled area to finish drying the rug
  • Touch-ups: Examining the rug once more to make sure everything is in working order
  • Delivery: The rug will be delivered to your door and beyond once everything is finished
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Professional rug cleaning service

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Experienced with more than 128 years
  • Membership with Greater Houston Chamber of Commerce
  • Membership with Katy Chamber of Commerce
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Certified rug cleaners

Trust Ashly Rug Cleaners for Premium Rug Cleaning Services

Ashly Rug Cleaners is the largest rug restoration and refinishing company in the USA. We have been serving Greater Houston since 1896 to provide the best and most premium rug cleaning services. We also serve Baytown, Conroe, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Pasadena, The Woodlands, and many other areas.

We can fix practically every kind of rug, from handcrafted and delicate Oriental rugs to stronger machine-made rugs. Besides rug cleaning, we also provide rug repair, pet odor removal, color correction, and many more services in the residential and commercial sectors.

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I had a wonderful experience with Ashly Rugs. I had three rugs picked up for cleaning. The pick up by Alex and Rashid was on time and a seamless experience. The rugs were cleaned, Scotchguarded and moth proofed. One of the rugs required restoration d...

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A great company to work with. They collected the rugs from my house and delivered them to my storage unit when ready, and on the date I needed them. They repaired a couple of my rugs and cleaned all 14 of them ready for storage. They applied moth p...

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