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Clean, Wash & Rinse Rug by Ashly Rug Cleaners in Greater Houston

What’s Rug Cleaning, Wash & Rinse?
At Ashly Rug Cleaners, our Clean, Wash & Rinse service is more than just a routine cleaning process, it’s a rejuvenation ritual for your beloved rugs. Let’s dive into the details of how we transform tired, dusty rugs into vibrant, fresh masterpieces.

At Ashly Rug Cleaners, we understand that your cherished rugs deserve the utmost care and attention. Our expert services are designed to make the process seamless and convenient. Get a free quote for your rug cleaning or repair. Alone with other service arears we are also at available Houston and Conroe.


How Does Clean, Wash & Rinse of Rugs Happen?

step 1

Thorough Inspection

  • Our certified rug specialists begin by meticulously inspecting your rug. We assess its fiber type, weave, and any specific cleaning needs.
  • This step ensures that we tailor our approach to your rug’s unique characteristics.
step 2

Dust Removal

  • Dust and dirt settle deep within the rug fibers over time.
  • We use specialized equipment to gently remove this ingrained dust, preparing the rug for the next steps.
step 3

Immersive Wash

  • Our large rug washer bathes your rug in a gentle yet effective cleaning solution.
  • The rug is thoroughly washed on both sides, ensuring every fiber receives attention.
step 4

Rinsing Brilliance

  • After the wash, we rinse the rug meticulously to remove any remaining detergent residues.
  • This step leaves your rug fresh, residue-free, and ready to shine.
step 5

Pile Lifting

  • Using a specialized grooming tool called a pile lifter, we lift the rug’s nap.
  • This power-dry scrubber revives the rug’s texture, making it look plush and inviting.
step 6

Humidity-Controlled Drying

  • Cleaned rugs are placed in our humidity-controlled dry room.
  • Once dry, they undergo a thorough inspection to ensure perfection.
step 7

Protective Packaging

  • We package your rug in protective tubing, ready for transit to your home or office in Houston.
  • Our white-glove delivery ensures your rug arrives in pristine condition.

Our Rug Washing Process

Washing is a vital step in rug care. At Ashly Rug Cleaning, we employ different washing methods tailored to your rug's material and condition.

rug cleaning service


  • Steam Cleaning: Uses hot water extraction to remove deep-seated dirt.
  • Dry Cleaning: Suitable for delicate fibers, using minimal moisture.

Equipment and Detergents

Our state-of-the-art machines and eco-friendly detergents ensure a deep, gentle clean.


  • Revitalizes colors and textures.
  • Eliminates deep-seated dirt and grime.
  • Prepares the rug for effective rinsing.
worker cleans the rug

Our Rinsing Process

Rinsing is crucial to remove all cleaning agents and residues, ensuring your rug is fresh and safe.


  • Water Extraction: Efficiently removes water and cleaning solutions.
  • Thorough Rinsing: Ensures no detergent residue is left.


  • Prevents chemical buildup.
  • Enhances rug longevity and appearance.
dirty carpet

Health and Allergen Control:

Dust Mites and Allergens: Rugs are magnets for dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other microscopic particles. These allergens can trigger respiratory issues, especially for individuals with allergies or asthma.

Regular Cleaning: By regularly cleaning rugs, we remove these hidden pollutants, creating a healthier indoor environment. Vacuuming alone isn’t enough; professional cleaning ensures a thorough removal of allergens.

rug damaged by water

Preservation of Beauty:

Color Retention: Over time, dirt and grime settle into rug fibers, dulling their vibrant colors. Regular cleaning prevents premature fading and keeps the rug looking fresh.

Texture and Pile: A well-maintained rug retains its plushness and texture. Professional washing and rinsing revive the pile, making it soft and inviting.

Longevity and Investment:

rug stain removal

Lifespan Extension: Rugs are investments. Proper care extends their lifespan, allowing you to enjoy them for generations.

Preventing Damage: Dirt particles act like tiny abrasives, slowly wearing down the rug fibers. Regular cleaning prevents irreversible damage.

Stain Removal and Odor Control:

Accidental Spills: Whether it’s a spilled glass of wine or a pet’s mishap, stains happen. Prompt cleaning minimizes staining.

Odor Elimination: Rugs absorb odors from cooking, pets, and daily life. Thorough washing and rinsing remove these unwanted scents.

Expertise Matters:

Certified Specialists: Professional rug cleaners understand the nuances of different rug types. They tailor their methods to suit each rug’s unique characteristics.

Specialized Equipment: Rug washing and rinsing require specialized equipment that homeowners don’t typically have access to it.

professional rug cleaning

The Advantages of Professional Rug Cleaning by Us

Quality Assurance: Professional cleaners guarantee thorough cleaning, ensuring no residue remains.

Preserving Value: Antique rugs, heirlooms, and designer pieces retain their value when professionally cared for.

Risk-Free Guarantee: We stand behind our work. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right.

Extensive Experience: Since 1896, we’ve been Houston’s trusted rug-cleaning experts.

Certified Specialists: Our team includes three accredited rug specialists.

Customer Love: Over 500,000 customers have experienced our exceptional service.

Service Availability: Proudly serving the Greater Houston Area, including Houston, Conroe, and The Woodlands, our Clean, Wash & Rinse services transform tired rugs into rejuvenated masterpieces. Whether you reside in the heart of the city or its charming suburbs, we're here to elevate your rugs.

Get Ready To Give Your Rugs The Care They Deserve Call Us At Once

Ashly Rug Cleaners proudly serves the Greater Houston Area, including Houston and Conroe. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or its charming suburbs, we’re here to transform your rugs. Contact us today to request your cleaning appointment. Let’s bring new life to your treasured rugs!


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