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Combing & Brushing of Rugs in Houston, Conroe & The Woodlands

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At Ashly Rug Cleaners, we understand that your rugs are more than just floor coverings, they’re woven memories, cherished heirlooms, and artistic expressions. Our commitment to excellence has made us the oldest and largest rug cleaning, restoration, and refinishing company in the Greater Houston Area. With over 5 million rugs washed since 1896 and a team of 3 certified rug specialists, we take pride in our legacy of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Ashly Rug Cleaners' commitment to excellence spans over 125 years, making us the oldest and largest rug cleaning, restoration, and refinishing company in the Greater Houston Area. Alone with our other service areas, we are available at Houston, Conroe & The Woodlands. Let’s delve into the essential practice of combing and brushing for rugs and explore why it matters.

rug cleaning

The Details of Combing & Brushing of Rugs

Combing and brushing is a meticulous process that involves enhancing the appearance, texture, and longevity of rugs. Here’s how it happens:

  • Dirt and Debris Removal: Over time, rugs accumulate dust, dirt, and loose fibers. Combing and brushing effectively remove these particles, ensuring a cleaner and fresher rug.
  • Fiber Preservation:Regular combing and brushing help maintain the integrity of rug fibers. By gently untangling knots and straightening fibers, we prevent matting and ensure the rug’s longevity.
  • Restoring Luster: Just like brushing your hair adds shine, combing and brushing rejuvenates the rug’s surface. The fibers regain their natural sheen, enhancing the overall appearance.

The Importance of Combing & Brushing of Rugs

  • Visual Pathways and Warmth
    In hallways and corridors, rugs create visual pathways that draw the eye toward connecting rooms. They add warmth and character, preventing these spaces from feeling unwelcoming. Imagine a beautifully patterned rug leading the way from your entrance to the heart of your home.

  • Connecting Spaces
    By placing similar styles or colored rugs in connecting spaces, you unify rooms and create a seamless flow. This technique works wonders in neutral or minimalistic interiors, where continuity matters.

  • Sound Absorption
    Hardwood or tiled floors can be noisy. Rugs act as excellent sound absorbers, especially in apartments and flats. They dampen echoes and create a more serene environment.

  • Creating a Feature
    Layering rugs or angling them can turn a seating area into a captivating focal point. Instead of one large rug, consider the impact of multiple layered rugs. It’s like turning your seating arrangement into a work of art.

  • As Art
    Rugs aren’t merely functional; they’re artistic expressions. Whether it’s an antique Persian rug or a contemporary masterpiece, combing and brushing enhance their beauty. Treat your rug like a canvas, and let it tell a story in your space.

Our Process of Rug Cleaning

Ashly Rug Cleaners expertly handle the process of rug combing and brushing:

  • Inspection and Dusting
    The rug is thoroughly inspected to identify any stains, damage, or areas that need special attention.Before combing and brushing, the rug is dusted using specialized equipment. This step removes loose dirt, dust, and debris from the fibers.

  • Combing
    Combing is a delicate process that involves using a fine-toothed comb or brush to gently separate and align the rug fibers.The goal is to remove any tangles, knots, or matting in the rug. Combing helps maintain the rug’s texture and appearance.

  • Brushing
    Brushing is done after combing. It further enhances the rug’s appearance and texture.A soft-bristle brush is used to gently fluff up the fibers, making the rug look fuller and more vibrant.Brushing also helps distribute any cleaning agents or protective treatments evenly across the rug.

  • Fringe Care
    If the rug has fringes, they are carefully brushed and aligned to maintain their neat appearance. Fringes are often a focal point of handmade rugs, so proper care is essential.

  • Final Inspection
    After combing and brushing, the rug undergoes a final inspection to ensure that it meets Ashly Rug Cleaners’ high standards.Any remaining imperfections are addressed, and the rug is prepared for delivery back to the customer.Remember that Ashly Rug Cleaners’ skilled technicians handle each rug with precision and care, ensuring that it looks its best after the cleaning process. If you have any specific concerns about your rug, feel free to discuss them with their team.

professional rug cleaning team

What makes Ashly Rug Cleaners stand out?

  • Experience and Legacy: Since 1896, Ashly Rug Cleaners has been family-owned and operated. Our master craftspeople have cleaned and repaired over 5 million rugs! We specialize in antique, handmade, custom-made, Oriental, and Persian rugs.
  • Certified Rug Specialists: Our team includes 3 certified rug specialists who understand the intricacies of rug care. From large rug washers to gentle hand dry cleaning, we employ the best techniques for each rug type.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: We stand by our work. With a 100% risk-free guarantee, you can trust us to handle your rugs with care and expertise.
  • Service Area: Ashly Rug Cleaners serves the Greater Houston Area, including The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, and League City. We offer convenient pick-up and delivery for your rug cleaning needs.

To Recover The Woven Memory Beneath Your Feet Call Us or Contact Us

Choose Ashly Rug Cleaners for unrivaled expertise, impeccable service, and a commitment to preserving your rug’s beauty. Contact Ashly Rug Cleaners today to experience top-quality rug care. Let us transform your rug into a work of art, one that tells your story and graces your space for years to come.


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Don’t take your rug anywhere else. We had an absolute disaster with some .com outfit. Ashly fixed them for us and we got them back in 4 days since the previous company had left them wet and gross! These folks are wonderful. Don’t question the pri...


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I had a wonderful experience with Ashly Rugs. I had three rugs picked up for cleaning. The pick up by Alex and Rashid was on time and a seamless experience. The rugs were cleaned, Scotchguarded and moth proofed. One of the rugs required restoration d...

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They picked up a large white rug stained all kinds of yellow and brown from a puppy. They returned a perfect white rug. Outstanding!

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